Dropbox Connection Problems

Recently people using older versions of Moneydance have encountered problems syncing Moneydance data to and from their iOS and Android devices. This is because those versions of Moneydance used Dropbox's older method for syncing data.

In September 2017, as advertised, Dropbox turned off their old API. Moneydance 2017 uses the new method of syncing, so we recommend anyone using older versions of Moneydance to upgrade to the latest release if they are affected by this problem.

If you're using a version of Moneydance and connection method that is affected, you may see an error similar to the one below, when you try to connect with Dropbox:

_Authorisation Error: DropboxServerException 400 Bad Request_

If you are seeing this error, there are three solutions:

  1. Upgrade to Moneydance 2017. You can download the latest stable version from the download page.

  2. If you are using Moneydance 2015, you can download our update to version 2015 which uses the Dropbox folder on your computer to sync rather than use a connection directly to Dropbox.

  3. Certain versions of Moneydance will simply fall back to using the Dropbox folder under your home folder to sync if a connection to the server cannot be made. Disabling and turning on Dropbox syncing within Moneydance should cause Moneydance to start using the Dropbox folder, if it isn't already.

If you have purchased Moneydance 2015, then you are entitled to a free upgrade to Moneydance 2017.
To check your upgrade entitlement, you can enter your current license key into the 'Upgrading?' box on our purchase page.
The upgrade will be free for those who have purchased Moneydance 2015, and there is a 50% discount for those who have purchased Moneydance 2014 or an older version.

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