Moneydance can password-protect your data file for additional security.

To encrypt your data file, select File > Passwords.

Enable the "Master Password" field.
Enter the password, and confirm the password.
Also enter a useful hint. Then press OK.

You'll then be prompted for the Master Password each time you open your data file.

If you lose or forget your Master Password we cannot retrieve your data.
Is it very important that you choose your password and hint carefully.



If you would like Moneydance to remember your passwords for automatic downloads from your bank, you can select the “Store Online Passwords in File” option.

After enabling this, you'll need to enter your login credentials once more before they're stored.

Once your online passwords are stored, you can also enable "Automatically Download Transactions in Background" within your Network preferences. This will allow Moneydance to initiate transaction downloads for all Direct Connect and/or Moneydance+ enabled accounts as soon as you open your data file.

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