Side Bar

The Moneydance side bar is located on the left side of the Moneydance program window.
This makes it easier to see and access information you use frequently.

You should refer to this article for information about the different items available in the sidebar.


You can amend the balance that's displayed for your accounts in the side bar.
Choose from the following options -

Balance - The total of all transactions in an account, regardless of date or cleared/uncleared status.
Current Balance - The total of all transactions up to and including today's date.
Cleared Balance - The total of all transactions you have marked as "cleared.”

You can amend this setting within your General preferences.

Remove Items from the Side Bar -

To remove an item from the side bar, right-click (or press Ctrl and click) on the item.
Then choose "Remove from Side Bar".

Removing any item (account, budget, graph/report etc.) from the side bar DOES NOT delete the item.

Items can be re-added to the side bar at any time (see below).

Add Items to the Side Bar -

To add an item to the side bar, click the + icon at the bottom left of the side bar.

In the window that opens, select "Advanced" at the bottom left.

Highlight an item in the "Available Items" panel on the left.
Use the Ctrl key or the Shift key to highlight multiple items

Then move the item(s) into the "Included Items" panel on the right.

Order Accounts in the Side Bar -

Accounts in the side bar are grouped by account type (bank, credit card etc.)

The account order cannot be manually amended.

The accounts are always listed alphabetically, using ASCII sorting rules.
(Special characters first, then numbers, then uppercase letters and then lowercase letters.)

To change the order of the accounts in the Side Bar, you should edit the account name.
Select the account and choose Account > Edit Account.

To move an account up the list, enter a special character (*, #, etc) at the start of the name.
You can enter a number at the start of your account names to order the accounts.
Or start the account name with lowercase letters to move it to the bottom of the list.

Amend the Side Bar Width -

To amend the side bar width, click on the ||| icon at the bottom right of the side bar.
Then drag the icon to the left/right with your cursor to expand or reduce the side bar width.

Remove the Side Bar -

If you prefer not to see the side bar at all, you can hide it completely from view.

To do this, select View > Hide Side Bar.

You can display it again at any time by selecting View > Show Side Bar.