Keyboard Shortcuts in Moneydance

Using keyboard shortcuts can streamline your Moneydance experience. Windows and Linux users please substitute control/ctrl for ⌘, and alt for ⌥ in the instructions below.


Save ⌘S

Return to Summary ⌘ Shift H

Find ⌘ F

Advanced Find ⌘ Shift F

Hide/Restore Side Bar ⌘ Shift S

Close Current Window ⌘ W

Date Fields

+ or = Advance or “spin” the date forward

- or _ “spin” the date backward

t - Select the current date

m - Select the first day in the month

h - Select the last day in the month

y - Select the first day in the year

r - Select the last day in the year

Check Number Fields

+ or = “spin” the check number up

- or _ “spin” the check number down

Pressing the +/= key in an empty check number field automatically calculates the next check number based on past transactions in that account.

Transaction Register

⌘ N Begin entry of a new transaction.

⌘ Backspace Delete the currently selected transaction.

⌘ L While editing a transaction will bring up the split editor.

⌘ W To exit the split editor.

⌘ A Select all transactions in the register.

Right-click Displays a pop-up menu of available actions.

⌘ N Add a new line for a Split transaction.

⌘ ⌥ C Mark the selected transaction(s) as cleared.

⌘ ⌥ U Mark the selected transaction(s) as uncleared.

⌘ ⌥ R Mark the selected transaction(s) as reconciling.

⌘ T Scroll to the current date

⌘ [ Open the "other side" of the selected transaction in a new register.

⌘ return If a downloaded and not-yet-confirmed transaction is selected, confirm the transaction using the default option.


⌘ B Opens the Reconcile window for the current account

Amount and Rate Fields

You can enter math expressions ( "(200 + 86) * 0.25" for example) in any numeric field and Moneydance will calculate the answer.
Entering a value followed by a three digit currency ID (USD, GBP, EUR, etc) will automatically convert the entered amount from the given currency to the native currency of the field.