Memorised Graphs and Reports

After generating a graph or report, there will be a "Memorise" button on the window displaying the results.

Clicking this button will save the settings that were used to generate this graph or report to the list of memorised graphs or reports.


To reproduce a memorised graph or report select the "Memorised Graphs" or "Memorised Reports" entry in the Graphs and Reports window. You can choose the graph or report by selecting it from the list thats displayed.

Links to memorised graphs and reports are also available on the Summary page. By default, you'll find the memorised list on the right, just below the reminder calendar.

Individual memorised reports should be listed at the top of the report list, in the left sidebar. Memorised reports can be added to the sidebar by clicking the + button at the bottom left.

If you memorise a graph or report with the time period set to something other than "Custom Dates," then the time period applies to the date that the report is generated - as opposed to the date on which it was memorised.

To remove a 'Memorized Report" navigate to "Tools" --> Graphs and Reports, then select the 'Memorized Reports' report. Highlight the report name, and choose 'Remove'. You should see a pop up message appear on screen asking you to confirm the deletion. Press 'Yes' and the report should be removed from the list immediately.