Summary Page

When you first open Moneydance you'll see the Moneydance Summary in the main panel of the Moneydance window.

You can access the Summary page by selecting "Summary" near the top of the left side bar.

You can add, delete, and arrange the Summary modules by going to Preferences→Summary.

Accounts overview -

By default, your accounts and balances will be shown at the top left of the Summary page, with your Net Worth displayed underneath.


Expenses Graph -

By default, the Expenses Graph will be shown at the top right of the Summary page.

You can select the arrows at the top right of this module to choose either Income or Expense, and to specify the date range.


Auto Updater -

Further down the summary page, you'll see an option to check for updates.

You'll be notified if the version of Moneydance you are running is up to date, or if there are any updates available for extensions you have installed.