Updating Currencies

You can find the steps for creating or editing currencies in this article.

To view the list of all currencies in your data file, navigate to Tools > Currencies.

Then double-click on the the currency’s name.
This will open a new window displaying the currency's current and historical exchange rates.


In this window, you can manually add or remove exchange rates.

Click "New", and a new rate will be added with today's date.
You can click on the fields to amend the date or rate in the new entry,

You can highlight any rate and select "Remove" to delete it.

Or select "Clear All" to remove all exchange rates for the currency.

Quotes and Exchange Rates Extension -

Moneydance can automatically download rates using the Quotes and Exchange Rates extension.

You'll find information about setting up and using this extension in this article.

Importing Exchange Rates -

You can import Comma delimited or Tab delimited files containing exchange rates.

Navigate to Tools > Currencies.
Then double-click on the currency name.

Select the "Import..." button.
Then select “Import from File” and click “Import”.

Then navigate to and select the file containing the exchange rates.