Deleting Files

To remove an unwanted, duplicate, or unused data set - first open the data in Moneydance to ensure this is the correct file you'd like to remove.

If your data is stored in the default location, you can access it by navigating within Moneydance to Help --> Show Documents Folder.


  • Once you've located the file, it's important that you close Moneydance - but keep the file browsing window open.

  • You will see a file/folder in your file browser named yourfilename.moneydance

  • Once the Moneydance program has fully closed, right click on the .moneydance file, then select to Delete/Move to Trash.

Don't empty the trash/recycle bin just yet!

  • After that, open Moneydance and you'll be brought to the Welcome screen. From here you can access your other data set(s).

  • Select your current data file and open it in Moneydance and make sure that your data is correct. This is to ensure that you removed the correct file

  • Once you've done that, you can safely empty your Trash folder.

Repeat this process for any additional files you've like to remove.