Deleting Files

You can follow the steps below to remove an unwanted, duplicate, or unused data set.

Locate Your Data File -

  • Open Moneydance and select Help > Show Documents Folder.
    This will open a new file browsing window displaying the default location of your data files.


  • If your files are stored outside the Moneydance library, open a file browsing window and navigate to the file location on your system.

  • You'll see your data files here, displayed as YourFileName.moneydance files.

On a Mac, the data files will appear with the Moneydance icon displayed.

On a Windows system, the files will appear as a regular 'folder' so you won't see the Moneydance icon as you might expect.


Delete Your Data File -

Once you've located the file, it's VERY IMPORTANT that you close the Moneydance program, and ensure it's closed fully before making any changes.

Keep the file browsing window open so you can view your files.

Once Moneydance is closed -

  • Right-click (or press Ctrl and click) on the .moneydance data file/folder.
  • Then select Delete/Move to Trash.

Don't empty the trash/recycle bin just yet!

Then open Moneydance and you'll likely see the "Welcome to Moneydance" window.
From here you can access your other data files, or create a new, blank file.

If you have other data files, select each of them to check the file contents are correct.
This is to ensure that you removed the correct file.

Once you've done that, and you're happy that you've removed the correct file, you can safely empty your trash folder/recycle bin.

Repeat this process for any additional data files you'd like to remove.