Transaction Reminders

Transaction Reminders are transactions that appear on the calendar and Home Page according to a set schedule, and can be recorded into your register directly.

You can create a Transaction Reminder by selecting Reminders in the Moneydance Sidebar, or by navigating to Tools→Reminders.

To create a new reminder you can click on the appropriate date in the calendar.
You can also select the + (plus) button at the bottom right of the page, or 'New Transaction Reminder'.


The Reminder Description field is for your information, and is used as the name within the list to the right of the reminder calendar.

The First Date is the first date the reminder will occur on, the Last Date is the last date the reminder will occur and is an optional field.

Select the appropriate Account for the transaction by clicking the up/down arrows on the left.

Enter a Description, Category (or multiple categories using a split transaction), and Payment/Deposit amount. You may also choose to enter a Check #, Memo, or Tag(s).


Reminders can occur one time, or can be Repeated. When you create a reminder, you'll see a 'Repeat every...' option which offers a number of different date “tabs”. A reminder will occur on all dates you specify in ANY and ALL tabs.


When creating a Transaction Reminder selecting “Auto-Commit” will enter the transaction in the appropriate account register a set number of days before the transaction is scheduled.

Selecting “0” in the “Days Before Scheduled” field will apply the transaction to your account on the day it is scheduled.

If the Auto-Commit box is not checked when you create your Transaction Reminder, the transaction will not be applied to your register until/unless you manually apply the reminder.


To edit a reminder double-click on the name of the reminder in the list on the right.

To delete a reminder, highlight the reminder from the list on the right of the calendar. Then click the - (minus) sign at the bottom right of the page, or the 'Delete Reminder' button.