Connect Accounts with Moneydance+

Connect with your financial institution

After subscribing to Moneydance+ you'll need to connect your accounts.

(If you you were using the OFX service method before subscribing to Moneydance +, you should remove the OFX connection prior to connecting your accounts with Moneydance +. To achieve this: launch Moneydance, select the relevant account from the left side bar and choose Online > Set Up Online Banking. Select the "Disable" button to remove the OFX connection - restart Moneydance!)

Select `Online > Set Up Moneydance+>Accounts>Connect Accounts'

You'll then be directed to the Plaid Link interface, where you can search for the financial institution you want to connect with.

Select your bank or credit card company, and you'll be directed to their website. You should follow the prompts to login (using your regular online banking credentials) and allow access to your accounts.
You should grant third party access for each account type individually.

Assign your Moneydance account

Once completed, you can navigate back to Moneydance.
Choose Online > Set Up Moneydance+ and select the 'Accounts' tab.

You'll see a list of any accounts you've connected with.
The name of the financial institution will be displayed, and on the right you'll see 'connected'.

Below this you'll see your account information and the currency your account uses.

On the right you should see which account the transactions will download into.
If you see 'None', click on this, and you can specify which account in your data file you'd like to use.

Once an account has been selected, you can click again to choose 'Don't download'.
This removes the account you've assigned.

Download your transactions

To begin downloading, select your Moneydance account.
Then choose Online > Download AccountName Transactions.

As this is the first download, you'll be asked how much transaction history you would like to download.
You can choose 'All Available' to download all available history.
Or select the 1st of the month, with the last 12 months to choose from.

You can change the transaction history date range at any time.
Choose Online > Set Up Moneydance+ and select the 'Accounts' tab.
Select the relevant account and choose 'Reset Sync Date'.
The next time you download transactions for this account, you'll be asked how much transaction history you would like to download as if it is the first time.

Remove a connection

To remove a Moneydance+ connection, choose Online > Set Up Moneydance+.
Then select the 'Accounts' tab where you'll see your accounts listed.
On the right, you'll see 'connected' next to each account.
Click on 'connected' and choose 'Disconnect' to remove the connection with your bank.