Connecting to Chase

Unfortunately, Chase has discontinued their use of OFX Direct Connect, which is required to download your transactions automatically into Moneydance for free.

As of October 6th 2022, Chase no longer supports Direct Connect/OFX, including 3rd-party bill pay.

Manually Import Files

Without Direct Connect, you are still able to easily import your data into the program for free.
You can use a web browser to download files from your bank's website.

Chase provides downloads using the QFX file format.

The steps for importing QFX files are outlined here.


Alternatively, if you're using Moneydance 2022 or 2023 you can subscribe to Moneydance+. This is the new (optional) subscription service that allows you to download transactions automatically from your banks using the Plaid aggregator.

You can read more about Moneydance+ in this blog post.

The steps for setting up this service are outlined here.

If you have a Moneydance 2023 license key, the cost to use Moneydance+ is $4/monthly (or $40/annually), and there is a 30-day free trial so you can fully test downloading from your bank before you're charged.

You will need to disable your current OFX connection prior to switching to Moneydance+.
To remove the OFX connection, open Moneydance, select your account and choose Online > Set Up Online Banking. Select the "Disable" button to remove the connection, then restart Moneydance.