Transfers between Accounts

If you’re transferring funds between accounts, such as from a checking account to a savings account or a payment to a credit card, enter the “other” account in the Category field.

When you select the Category field of a transaction, any available accounts will be shown as the first options available in the list.


Just like with categories, you can also begin to type the account name into the Category field to quickly access the account you need.

After creating the transaction, if you navigate to the account thats been entered, you'll see a new transaction that represents the 'other side' of the transfer.

As an example -
Enter a transaction into the Checking account, and assign the Savings account in the category field. This is a 'payment' of £20.


Then navigate to the Savings account, and you'll see a new transaction that shows a 'deposit' of £20, from Checking.