Transfers between Accounts

Often, you'll need to transfer funds between your accounts.

You may be transferring funds from a checking account to a savings account.
Or you may be making a payment from a checking account to a credit card.

To do this, you should enter the transaction details as normal.
Then enter the “other” account in the Category field of the transaction.

When you select the Category field of a transaction, any available accounts will be shown as the first options available in the list (as shown below).

Your accounts display icons on the left so you easily differentiate them from your categories.
The icons in this menu are the same icons you see in the side bar.


Just like with categories, you can begin to type the account name into the Category field to quickly access the account you need.

After creating the transaction, you can open the account that has been entered in the Category field.
Here you'll see a new transaction that represents the "other side" of the transfer.

For example -

Enter a transaction into the Checking account.
Assign the Savings account in the Category field.
This is a Payment of £20.


Then navigate to the Savings account.
You'll see a new transaction with the Checking account assigned in the Category field.
This is a Deposit of £20.