Moneydance+ Overview

What is Moneydance+

Now with a single click, you can seamlessly download all of your transactions from tens of thousands of banks and credit card accounts. Investments accounts are not supported yet!

Moneydance+ makes online banking accessible to far more people than ever before. It accesses many more banks than Moneydance has ever supported.

We're excited to roll it out initially for US and Canadian bank and credit card accounts, with EU, UK and investment support soon to follow.


The use of the Moneydance+ features requires a reasonably priced subscription ($2 monthly, when you already own a license of Moneydance 2022). This includes a 14 days free trial and is cancelable at any time.

Using Moneydance+ is purely optional and because running the service incurs a fee for us (and since we don't sell ads or customer data) the subscription was necessary.

If you prefer not to use Moneydance+, you can still always purchase Moneydance with a one-off payment, and it's yours to keep, forever, with no sunsetting of features.

Privacy and Security

For information on the privacy and security of Moneydance+, we recommend taking a look at our relevant blog post.