Direct Connect

Using "Direct Connect" allows Moneydance to connect to a server at your bank (instead of their site) and usually requires different login credentials than you would use to log into your banks website.

If your bank is listed on this page, we have already established a connection with them which will allow you to automatically download your data.

Setup Direct Connect -

Highlight the account name in the left sidebar, then navigate to Online --> Set Up Online Banking.


Select 'New Connection' and choose your financial institution from the list.


Select "Next" then specify the account you'd like to download the data into.

You'll then be prompted for your ID and Password.


Direct Connect often uses different login details than the ones that you use for ATM, web-based banking or any other banking service. When you enable your account for Direct Connect access, your financial institution should let you know which login details you should use.

Most banks require you contact them to enable your accounts for Direct Connect, before you can begin to download your data. You can accomplish this by asking your bank to set up your account for "Direct Connect from Quicken".

Moneydance uses exactly the same OFX server connection protocol for Direct Connect as Quicken - but often bank representatives do not know this and mistakenly believe that you can not connect in Moneydance. Calling your bank and stating precisely the following should get you started -

"Please enable Direct Connect on my account so that I can connect to your servers directly with Quicken. Also give me the login credentials I need to connect to this service."

Using Direct Connect -

Once Online Banking has been setup, you can download your data by selecting
Online --> Download AccountName Transactions, or ⌘D.

If you have more than one account with Direct Connect enabled, you can select
Online --> Download All Accounts.

Within your Network Preferences, you can enable "Automatically Download in Background" to download transactions when you start the program.

The first time you connect to your bank through Moneydance, Moneydance will download all transactions available on your bank's server.
This may result in duplicate transactions, especially if you have transferred data from another personal finance program.

In this instance you should try to run through the Confirmation process to merge the duplicates, then delete any undesirable transactions.

Most banks only offer the most recent 30-90 days of transactions on their direct OFX connection server.
To get transactions prior to this point you'll need to download and import files from your bank's website. You should refer to the 'Manual Downloads' section.

If you are downloading data into an Investment Account - please note that Moneydance will only download transactions from your account when you download from your financial institution (regardless of the method you choose for entering your holdings). Unless the initial purchase of the security is in the download, you will not have the complete information for your security. You may need to enter transactions manually to reflect your current holdings.