Create, edit or delete Categories

Income Categories track where your money is coming from.

Expense Categories track where your money is going.

To access your categories, you can navigate to Tools→Categories within the menu bar.


Create Categories -

From the Categories window, to create a new category click “New”.

You can then choose the category type, either Income or Expense.


In the next window, you can input the category details including name, currency and the parent category.

If a category was highlighted when you selected "New", this category will be assigned as the 'parent' of your new category. You can change this here if required.

The parent category must always be the same category 'type' - for example, an Expense category cannot be the parent of an Income category.

If the parent category is assigned as the 'Base' account (the first option in the drop down list) then you will be creating a new parent category, to which subcategories can be created or assigned.


You can also easily create categories when entering a transaction.

Type the name of the new category into the Category field and you’ll be offered the ability to create that category.

Clicking on the “Create Category…” item will ask you to choose if the new category will be an income or expense category, and then you'll see the category creation window as above.


Edit Categories -

From the Categories window, to edit an existing category highlight it and click “Edit”


Closing Categories -

If you have categories that you no longer need or use - you can mark them as “Inactive”. This will prevent the categories from being shown in drop down lists in account registers.

Inactive categories are still accessible from reports, and can be unmarked as Inactive (i.e., returned to active use) at any time.

From the Categories window, highlight the category and click “Edit”. In the Edit window, check the “Inactive” box.

Delete Categories -

From the Categories window, to delete a category highlight it and click “Delete”.

Deleting a category will also delete all transactions associated with the category. Any subcategories will also be removed.

If the account contains transactions, you'll have to confirm the deletion by typing 'yes' into the delete window.