Report Types and Uses

You'll find the steps for creating a report outlined in this article.

The following reports are available in Moneydance -

Account Balances -
Displays your account balances on a specific date in a currency of your choosing for a specified set of accounts.
Settings include the option to display balances for all account types, and the option to also display accounts that have a zero balance.

Asset Allocation -
Displays the division of your assets, including securities, cash, and other assets, and can be grouped by time

Budget -
Displays your budget performance for any given time period.
You can also choose to include categories not defined in your budget, and/or to include items with zero actual and budgeted amounts.

Capital Gains -
Displays a summary of the transactions used to buy and sell securities and the gains made on those securities.

Cash Flow -
Displays income earned and expenses incurred for a given time period for all or a sub-set of accounts.
This report can be grouped by time period and filtered by tag, and displays the total for each account but not transaction details.

Cash Flow, Detailed -
Displays the same information as the Cash Flow report, but does include the transaction details.

Cost Basis -
Displays the cost basis of securities that you currently own.
This can be compared to the current value of those securities to determine the success of those investments.
Settings include the option to display the cost basis for all securities, for securities under a certain account, or for a specific individual security.

Income and Expenses -
Displays a summary of your income and expenses.
You can specify which income and expense categories to include in the report, as well as the source accounts. This report can be filtered by tag, grouped by a time period, and can be set to include liability/loan accounts.

Income and Expenses, Detailed -
Same as the Income and Expense report except that it also lists the individual transactions that make up the totals.

Investment Performance -
A snapshot of how your portfolio is performing based on returns and annual ROI, over any given period of time, for any accounts and/or securities you choose. Ability to display zero balance accounts.

Investment Transactions -
Displays investment transactions, with numerous subtotalling options.

Memorized Reports -
Displays a list of reports that you have memorized.
Only accessible using the Tools > Graphs and Reports menu.
You can read more about memorized reports in this article.
Selecting a memorized report from the list will let you regenerate that report, using your current data.
Date ranges such as "this year" apply to the current year, not to the year in which the report was memorized.

Missing Checks -
Displays a list of transactions with numeric check numbers while highlighting any gaps between check numbers.

Net Worth -
Displays your net worth using the current balance, including transactions with dates in the future, or your cleared balance. You can select which types of accounts contribute to the net worth in this report.

Portfolio -
Displays a detailed look of your holdings by account and/or security for any given period of time.
Includes the ability to display zero balance accounts.

Reconciliation -
Displays all transactions that need to be reconciled.

Security Price History -
Displays the price history for your securities.
You can specify the date range, and choose which investment accounts and securities to include.

Tag Summary -
Displays a summary of all transactions marked with a particular tag.
A sub-set of accounts can be selected, and the report can be grouped by time period.

Transaction Filter -
A highly customizable report that displays your transactions.
If the “And (Intersection)” box is checked the report will display transactions which meet ALL of the report criteria, if the “Or (Union)” box is checked the report will display transactions which meet ANY of the report criteria.

Transactions -
Displays transactions for one or all accounts for a specified time period.
Settings include the option to include transactions for sub-accounts, filter transactions by tag, display memos, or sub-total the transactions by day, week, month, year, account, payee or check number.

Transfers -
Displays the movement of funds between selected accounts, offering filtering by tag and grouping by week, month, quarter, or year.

Transfers, Detailed -
Similar to the Transfers report, but the breakdown displays individual transactions instead of just account/category totals.

If you use the VAT/GST features in Moneydance, this will display a summary of the VAT/GST applicable expenses and the total VAT/GST paid for a given time period.
The VAT/GST report can be generated for specific categories or for all applicable categories.

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