Sync using Multiple Dropbox Accounts

These instructions can be used if you'd like to enable syncing to share your data with another computer or a mobile device, but you use multiple Dropbox accounts.

For example, you may wish to share your data file with your partner or a family member, but they have their own Dropbox account.

Enable Syncing -

You should open the data file on your computer, and enable syncing via File > Syncing.
Pick a Dropbox sync method - either Dropbox Connection or Dropbox Folder.

If needed, the steps to enable syncing are outlined in more detail in this article.

When you enable syncing, a .moneydancesync folder will be created in Dropbox.

Share the Sync Folder in Dropbox -

The .moneydancesync folder is a hidden folder.
To view it, you should open a web browser and log in to the Dropbox website.

Select "All Files" in the menu on the left.
You'll see the .moneydancesync folder displayed amongst your other files/folders on the right.

Then right-click (or press Ctrl and click) on the .moneydancesync folder.
In the menu that appears, select Share > Share with Dropbox.


This will open another window where you can enter the email address associated with the other Dropbox account you'd like to share your file with.

For example, the email your partner uses to log in to their own Dropbox account.

Alternatively, you can select "Copy Link".
You'll see a message advising the link has been copied.
Then you can paste the link into an email and send it to the person you'd like to share the file with.

Before copying the link, make sure the field "Anyone with this link:" is set to "Can Edit".

Access the Sync Folder and Data -

If you have entered the relevant email address, the other Dropbox account will immediately have access to the .moneydancesync folder.

If you sent a link, the person who received it will need to click the link and follow any prompts from Dropbox before they can access the folder.

Then, if they log in to the Dropbox website, they will see the .moneydancesync folder amongst their other files/folders.

At this point, you can resume the normal steps to access the sync data on the other computer or mobile device -

Open Moneydance on the computer and choose File > New.
If you're viewing the Welcome to Moneydance window, select "Create New Account Set".
Then select "Open Synced File" and select a Dropbox sync method.
The steps to retrieve the sync data are outlined in more detail in this article.

To access the sync data on a mobile device, open the app and select "Connect to Dropbox".
Then log in to your Dropbox account, and you'll see a list of any available files.
The steps to access the sync data via the mobile app are outlined in more detail in this article.