Importing from Quicken (without QIF)

Unfortunately, some versions of Quicken have removed the ability to export data in the QIF format.

In general, QIF is the only format that Quicken provides that is readable by other personal finance software, like Moneydance.

Moneydance cannot read the native Quicken file format, as this is a proprietary file format owned and maintained by Intuit.

The program still offers exports in the CSV format, but that format is not able to handle data as complex as an entire financial history. Therefore it cannot be used to successfully move data to another program.

These versions of Quicken now offer a QXF export format.
It appears that this format is intended for moving data between different versions of Quicken.
We've tried to access this file format, but unfortunately, so far we've had little success.

In short, this means that there is no longer a way for users of some of the latest versions of Quicken to move their data to other programs, like Moneydance.

We will continue working on this issue, but cannot speculate on when, or if, we will be able to access this new file format.

To be clear, this is entirely a result of the decision Quicken made to drop the remaining file format that other programs can read. It's hard not to see this as another attempt to lock customers into their software.

However, if you still have a version of Quicken that provides exports in QIF format, you can follow the steps in this article to import your data into Moneydance.