Opening Moneydance

When you open Moneydance for the first time, you'll see the 'Welcome to Moneydance' window.


New to Moneydance -

You can create a new file by selecting "Create New Account Set". Choose this option if you don’t need to import data from another program.
You’ll name your new Account Set, and will choose a Primary Currency which will be the default currency for all new accounts.
You’ll also need to select a File Type - Minimal is designed for those who are importing data from another program. Standard is for those who are not importing data.

Select "Import New Account Set" to import data from a QIF file, or select "Migrate" to import data from Quicken™ Essentials.

You can also get in touch with our support team by clicking on “Get Help with using Moneydance.”

Previously used Moneydance 2012, 2014 or 2015 -

Your account set should be visible in the list on the right. Click to open.
If not, you can select “Open Other” to navigate to your .moneydance data file in a different location.

*See below

Previously used Moneydance 2011 or an earlier version -

Click “Import New Account Set”, then navigate to your .md data file to convert it to the 2017 file format.
Select “Convert Only” to continue to store your data in it’s current location, or “Convert and Import” to move your data into Moneydance’s internal library.

*Please note, Moneydance 2015/17 uses a new file format. When you open older data with the 2017 version, your data will be converted to the newer format. This new file format cannot be opened using earlier versions of Moneydance.