Importing From Reckon Personal Plus

Reckon Quicken Personal Plus is a special version of Quicken available in Australia.

[We've received reports that some versions of Reckon still may have the QIF export function; it's just hidden. The combination Shift+Ctrl+z returns the export to QIF function to the File -> Export menu for the remainder of the session. If your version has this option, you may then be able to follow the instructions to import in the QIF format potentially saving many steps in the following guide.]

Unfortunately, Reckon does not seem to have the export to QIF file function that other versions of Quicken have.

Michael Young, a Moneydance user and contributor to the support forum, has written a guide to transfer data from Reckon Quicken Personal Plus to Moneydance

The guide and necessary Excel file can be downloaded from the links below.



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