Initial Balance

You can set the "Initial Balance" when creating an account.

The "Initial Balance" can also be altered at any time by editing the account.

An initial balance is can be referred to as a starting balance, opening balance or a beginning balance.

Select the account in the sidebar.
Then select Account > Edit Account.
In this window, you'll see the "Initial Balance" field.

You should enter the balance of your account, just before the earliest transaction in Moneydance.

For example, The earliest transaction in your Moneydance account register is 1st January 2021.
The initial balance amount is your bank account balance (just before this) on 31st December 2020.


Moneydance can also calculate your Initial Balance.

For example, Your current checking account balance is $200.
The balance shown in Moneydance is $27.65.
Enter 200-27.65 (use the minus sign) in the "Initial Balance" field and press Enter.
Moneydance will automatically calculate the correct Initial Balance amount.


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