In this window you can customize the general settings that relate to your file and accounts.

  • Show Full Account Paths
    If unchecked the account path “Bills: Electricity” appears as "Electricity."

  • Register Follows Recorded Transactions
    Register will scroll to new transactions as they are entered.

  • Use VAT/GST
    Tells Moneydance to automatically split any transactions that have associated VAT/GST rates into two categories, one to reflect the purchase cost and one for the VAT/GST.

  • Case Sensitive Auto-Completion
    Only match previous transactions that begin with the exact text that has been typed in the Description field.

  • Auto-Insert Decimal Point
    When checked, values such as "1234" will be interpreted as "12.34", always putting two digits after the decimal point.

  • Auto-create New Transactions
    After entering a transaction a new transaction entry window will open.

  • Separate Tax Date for Transactions
    Allows two dates to be entered for each transaction, one for your records and one that can be used for taxes.

  • Show All Accounts in Pop-up
    If left unchecked, accounts with the “Hide on Summary Page (if balance is zero)” option checked and income/expense categories will not be in the pop-up list available at upper left the Moneydance window. Inactive accounts are never visible in the pop-up.

  • Beep When Transactions Change
    Makes a cash-register sound when a transaction is entered.


  • Theme
    Choose between pre-set themes or customize your own.

  • Show Selection Details
    Set as 'In Main Window' by default, can be changed to 'In seperate popup'

  • Side Bar Balance Type
    Choose between Current Balance, Balance, and Cleared Balance. See Chapter 4 for more information on balance options.

  • Date Format
    Choose between several date formats.

  • Decimal Character
    Choose decimal or comma.

  • Locale
    Select your locale to alter language and spelling.

  • Fiscal Year Start
    Set a fiscal year with a start other than January 1.

  • Font Size
    Select a font size for the Moneydance display. Font sizes for printing are set in the Printing tab.

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