Confirm Downloaded Data

Once you have downloaded or imported new transactions you will accept them (or “confirm” them) into your register.

To begin the confirmation process, click on the first transaction in your account register with a blue dot.


When you highlight an unconfirmed transaction a matching panel will pop up on the right side of the screen which will contain suggested options for you to choose how to handle the transaction.

Current Transaction - Accept the transaction in it's current form as displayed in the register.

Merge Choices - Merges the downloaded transaction with a duplicate in the register.

Similar Payees - Changes the Description and Category to match the similar transaction displayed.

Transaction as Downloaded - This option will appear after you have made a change to the description of an unconfirmed transaction. You can accept the transaction in it's original format as Moneydance has received it, to reverse any changes you've made.


You'll see the 'Current Transaction' details displayed at the top. You can amend the transaction fields within this window, then select 'Confirm'.

After you confirm a transaction Moneydance will “look” for and select the next unconfirmed transaction.

As you go through this process it will become quicker and easier. Moneydance will begin to recognise the information you have previously confirmed, and begin to suggest the correct transaction details for your data.

Moneydance attempts to recognise and auto-categorise transactions with similar payees and amounts, so once you have manually assigned a category to a transaction or changed it's description - you can expect Moneydance to suggest the same category or description for similar transactions in the future.

Once you have Confirmed the transaction - the blue dot disappears, replaced with a blue circle that signifies the data has been downloaded and confirmed.