Merging Downloaded Transactions

After downloading your transactions, they'll be unconfirmed, which is signified by a solid blue dot.

You should then go through the confirmation process to handle the downloaded transactions and assign the correct categories.

The merge feature is available in all account types, except investment accounts and loan accounts.

Merging Transactions -

When you select an unconfirmed transaction, you'll see the confirmation panel appear on the right.

If the selected transaction matches another transaction in the account, you'll see the matching transaction displayed in the "Merge Choices" section.

If you choose "Merge", the unconfirmed transaction will be combined with the specified transaction.

The transaction will be marked as confirmed, and only one copy of the transaction will remain in the account register.

Increase or Decrease Merge Choices -

To increase/decrease the number of merge choices you're offered -

Navigate to File > Preferences > Network.
(On a Mac, choose Moneydance > Preferences > Network).

You can amend the setting at the very bottom of the window -
Only match downloaded transactions when they are at most "X" days apart

When this is enabled, Moneydance will only offer matches which have dates in the stated range.

When the range is set to "Default", Moneydance will match older transactions within 90 days and future transactions within 14 days.

Automatically Merge -

To automatically merge downloaded transactions -

Navigate to File > Preferences > Network.
(On a Mac, choose Moneydance > Preferences > Network).

Enable the option -
Automatically Merge Downloaded Transactions

When this is enabled, Monydance will automatically merge your downloaded transactions so you don't need to do this manually during the confirmation process.

We recommend you amend the merge choices date range (detailed above) before enabling this setting. Reducing the date range will reduce the chance of transactions being merged incorrectly.