Summary Page Preferences

To view the Summary page, select "Summary" in the side bar.

To access your Summary Page preferences, choose File > Preferences > Summary.
(On a Mac, choose File > Preferences > Summary).

On this page you'll find an overview of the modules available on the Summary page.


The Summary Page preferences tab allows you to choose which items are included.
You can also amend the layout of the page.

The Summary is divided into left and right columns.

The "Available Items" panel shows any additional items, not currently included on the Summary page.

Below this, you'll see two panels showing the modules displayed on the left and right sides of your Summary page.

To add an item, highlight it in the "Available Items" panel.
Then select "Add" above either the left or right column.

You can also move and rearrange the modules already included.
To do this, highlight the item in either the left or right column.

Select "Move Left/Right" to change the side the item is displayed.
Or select "Up/Down" to change the order of the items in each column.

It’s also possible to place items in only one column.
This will display the modules on the Summary within a single (wide) column.