When you purchase Moneydance directly from our website, you're entitled to the current year's version and, at a minimum, the next year's version for free.
For example, everyone who purchased Moneydance 2019 receives a free upgrade to Moneydance 2020. In this case those customers will also receive a free upgrade to Moneydance 2021.

Any further upgrades are discounted for you at 50%.

However, we never force upgrades or 'sunset' older versions of the program. You can continue to use the same version of Moneydance for as long as you wish.

You can enter your current license key into the 'Upgrading?' box on this page to check if an upgrade to the latest version is free or discounted.

If the upgrade is discounted, follow the "click here" link that is generated. You'll be taken to the checkout page where the discount will already be applied. Once you've purchased, you'll be sent a new license key via email.

If the upgrade is free, you can download the latest version from here. If prompted, you can enter your current license key to register the program.
If you purchased Moneydance via a third party store, for further details you should refer to their website.