When you purchase Moneydance directly from our website, you're entitled to use all builds of the current version, and also the next major release (when it becomes available).

For example, customers who purchased a Moneydance 2023 license key receive a free upgrade to Moneydance 2024. These customers are able to use all updates and builds released for both versions.

Any further Moneydance upgrades require purchasing a new license key at a discounted price.

Although it is good practice keeping the software updated, upgrading is not mandatory.

We never force upgrades or 'sunset' older versions of the program.

Therefore, you can continue to use the same version of Moneydance for as long as it is compatible with your operating system.

  • We recommend updating your extensions via Extensions->Manage Extensions prior to install the latest version of Moneydance!

Please note that if you're using an older version of Moneydance and you upgrade your operating system, the older version of Moneydance may no longer be compatible with your new OS.

On the download page for older versions, you can check which operating systems are compatible with the version you're using before you make changes to your computer.

The latest stable version of Moneydance can be downloaded from this page.

You should download the relevant version, and access your data file (or create a new file).
Then follow the steps in this article to use your license key to register the program.

If you purchased Moneydance from a third party like the Mac App Store or the Microsoft Store, you should update the program from the relevant store page directly.

Check Upgrade Eligibility -

You can enter your current license key into the "Update Moneydance' key tester on this page to check if an upgrade to the latest version is free or discounted.

If the upgrade is discounted, follow the "click here" link.
You'll be taken to the checkout page where the discount will already be applied.
Once you've purchased, you'll be sent a new license key via email within 24 hours.

If the upgrade is free, you can simply download the latest version from here. If prompted, you can enter your license key via Help > Register Moneydance.

If you need help recovering your license key, you can follow the steps in this article.