Upgrading from 2012 and Newer Versions

The steps below are for upgrading your data from Moneydance 2012 and newer versions.

If you are not sure which version of Moneydance you are currently running, open the program and navigate to Help > About Moneydance (Moneydance menu on a Mac), where the version and build number will be displayed.

Before upgrading, we'd always recommend taking a backup or copy of your data file.

If your data file is encrypted with a Master Password (as outlined here), you should first download Moneydance 2021. This will allow you to open and access the encrypted file. Then you can upgrade to the latest version as required.

If you purchased Moneydance from a third party like the Mac App Store or the Microsoft Store, you should download the program from the relevant store page directly.

Accessing your data -

  • Open the latest version of Moneydance.
    Your data file may be detected and it'll automatically open so you're viewing your data file.

  • If this doesn't happen, you will likely see the "Welcome to Moneydance" window.
    Your data file should be visible on the right of the window; select your file to access your data.

  • If your file isn't listed, select "Open Other" (at the bottom right).
    Then navigate to your .moneydance data file.

  • Alternatively, select "Import New Account Set".
    Then navigate to a .moneydancearchive backup file.

Important - Moneydance 2015 and newer versions use a new file format.
When you open an older data file with Moneydance 2015 or a newer version, your data will be converted to the newer format. This new file format cannot be opened using earlier versions of Moneydance.


Once you've accessed your data in the newer version, you should update your extensions.
To do this, navigate to Extensions > Manage Extensions.
Then select the “Update All” button at the bottom right of the window.

Registering the program -

If you purchased the previous version of Moneydance, the upgrade to the latest version will be free.
Your license key should be automatically entered into the newer version.

If the upgrade is not free, you'll need to enter your new license key.
You can do this from Moneydance by selecting Help > Register Moneydance.

If you’re not sure if the upgrade is free or discounted, you can enter your existing license key into the 'Upgrading?' key tester on our purchase page.