Automatic Downloads

Moneydance supports automatic downloads to many banks and financial institutions using a connection called "Direct Connect". Moneydance uses this direct OFX connection to communicate securely across the Internet with properly equipped institutions.

You can download information through Direct Connect into bank, credit card, and investment accounts if your bank supports this service.

Using Direct Connect allows Moneydance to connect to a server at your bank (instead of their site) and usually requires different login credentials than you would use to log into your banks website.

You can follow the link below to view a list of financial institutions, that we have already established a connection with -

If your bank is listed, you should refer to the 'Direct Connect' section.

If your bank is not listed, you should refer to the 'Manual Downloads' section.

It's important to note that there are other connection methods, sometimes used by other personal finance programs - Web Connect and Express Web Connect. If your bank only supports these connection methods, you'll be unable to download your data automatically.

If your financial institution has advised they support Direct Connect access, but they are not shown on the supported list - please contact us. You can email or create a discussion on the support forum.
Your bank may have introduced this feature recently, or it may simply be that we've never had a request for a connection to your specific bank. If your bank does support Direct Connect, we'll be happy to assist in setting up a connection with them.

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