When entering transactions, you can enter a check number in the Check# field.

Alternatively, select or enter another item that will allow you to specify the transaction type.

The screenshot below displays the options that will be available in the Check# field by default.


Edit Items in the Check# field -

Select the Check# field of a transaction.
Choose "Edit List..." at the bottom of the list.

Then follow the steps in this article to amend the items displayed in this list.

Check Numbers -

When entering a check transaction, you can select <Next Check#> within the Check# field.
This will insert the next sequential check number for the account.

Printing Checks -

It is possible to print Moneydance transactions on virtually any style of pre-printed checks.
Including standard checks, checks with stubs, and voucher checks.

To print checks with Moneydance you will first need to obtain pre-printed check stock.

Moneydance will print the date, amount, payee and memo on your check.
You can also include the address of a payee (this is optional).

Moneydance cannot print the account and routing number on a completely blank check, due to special ink requirements.

To begin printing checks in Moneydance -

  • You will need to set the appropriate check printing preferences in Moneydance.
    You can do this via Preferences > Check Printing.

  • Then you will need to mark some of your transactions as to be printed.
    This can be done by setting the Check# field for the relevant transactions as {Print}.
    (you can see this option in the screenshot at the top of the article).

To print your checks, select File > Print Checks.
Moneydance will locate any transactions with {Print} in the check number field.

The transactions will be printed, with the number of the check entered into the check number field.

You will have the opportunity to select the first check number to use.
You can also specify which checks to print, and other options (as shown in the screenshot below).

After printing the checks, Moneydance will verify if all checks have been printed correctly.
You'll have the opportunity to reprint any that were not.


Printing Addresses onto Checks -

In order to print the address of a payee on the check, you will first need to make sure that an Address Book entry has been created and associated with the transaction to print.
The steps to do this are outlined in this article.

You will also need to select the Show Address option in your check printing preferences.
You can view this option in this article.

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