Context Menu (right click)

When viewing an account, you can right-click (or press Ctrl and click).
This will display the context menu (as shown below).


The context menu contains a number of options.
Some relate to the account register, and some will affect the specific transaction you clicked.

Each menu option is detailed further below -

Add Attachment
Attach image files to the selected transaction.

Create Reminder from Transaction
Create a transaction reminder, using the selected transaction details.

Duplicate Transaction
This will open New Transaction fields in the account.
The selected transaction details will be copied into the fields.
You can then edit the transaction details as required.

Show Other Side
This will open the register of the account/category set in the Category field of the selected transaction.

Mark as Uncleared/Reconciling/Cleared
This changes the selected transactions reconcile status to the specified status.

Select All

Edit Transaction

Batch Change
The Batch Change feature allows you to make changes to the selected transaction.
If you select multiple transactions first, you can amend many transactions at once.
To select multiple transactions, use the Ctrl or the Shift key.

This deletes the selected transaction.

Single/Two Line Mode
Change the account register, so transactions are displayed on one or two lines.
This is detailed further in this article.

Sort by
Sort the register by a specified set of variables.
You'll find a list of the sort options in this article.

When enabled, the account register is sorted from the earliest to the most recent date.

Toolbox: Total selected transactions

Show Raw Details
This displays all information associated with the transaction.
The information is displayed in the format used in the data file.
Generally, this option is only used for technical support issues.