Adding Attachments

To more easily track and reference receipts you can attach image files to transactions.

You can attach PDF, JPG, and other image files.

Multiple image files can be attached to each transaction.

Attaching Files to Transactions -

To attach a file to a transaction -
Right-click (or press Ctrl and click) on the transaction to view the context menu.
Select “Add attachment” - this will open a file-browsing window.
Then navigate to and select the file you'd like to attach.

Alternatively, drag the image file onto a transaction in the Moneydance account register.

Transactions that have attachments will display a paperclip icon in the Description field.

Once you’ve attached a file, a copy of the image will be stored in your Moneydance data file.
The original file can then be deleted (if desired).

Viewing and Deleting Attachments -

To see an attachment, click once on the transaction.
A panel will appear on the right of the account register, with the "Details" tab selected.

A thumbnail of the attachment will be displayed in this panel.
The file name will be displayed below the image.

Click once on the image to view the attachment.

To delete the attachment, click the "X" icon.
You'll then be prompted to confirm you want to delete the file.