Adding Attachments

To more easily track and reference receipts you can attach image files to transactions. You can attach PDF, JPG, and other image files, and multiple image files can be attached to each transaction.

You can attach a file to a transaction by dragging the image file onto a transaction in the Moneydance program window.

You can also right click on the transaction (or Ctrl+Click on a Mac) and select “Add attachment” from the menu that appears.

Once you’ve attached a file to a Moneydance transaction, a copy of the image will be stored in your Moneydance data file, and the original file can be deleted (if desired).

Transactions that have attachments will have a paperclip icon in the description field.

To see an attachment, click once on the transaction.
In the window that appears on the right, click “Details” to see a thumbnail of the attached file.
Click once on the file to view, or click the X to delete the attachment.