Transaction tags provide another level of income or expense tracking.

While you may track your vacation in several categories, such as Lodging, Food, Gas, etc, a tag will permit you to easily track and run reports to determine the total cost of the trip.

Entering Tags -

To enter a tag, begin typing in the "Tags" field of a transaction.

You can tag a transaction with multiple tags by separating them with a comma.
For example, typing: tag1,tag2


Alternatively, select the arrows on the right of the Tags field.
This will display a drop-down menu containing all tags you've used previously.
You can select one or multiple tags to add them to the transaction.

Viewing Tags -

You can see a list of all tags in your data file by viewing the "Tag Summary" report.

This report is available within Tools > Graphs and Reports.
It can also be accessed via the left side bar (below your accounts).

Changing Tags -

To bulk change any tags, select Edit > Advanced Search.
Highlight the "tag" field and choose the relevant tag from the drop-down list.

Then highlight the transactions you want to change.

  • Use the Ctrl key to highlight multiple transactions at once.
  • Or highlight one transaction, press and hold the Shift key, then click another transaction, and all transactions between them will be highlighted.

Once highlighted, you should right-click (or press Ctrl and click) to view the context menu.
Then select Batch Change > Tags.

In this window, you can enter whichever tag you prefer to use.
Alternatively, leave the field blank and press OK to simply remove the tag without assigning another tag.

As another option, you can change tags using the "Find and Replace" extension.
This extension allows you to search for transactions based on specific fields.
You can then bulk rename tags by removing the original tag and adding the newer tag.
You'll find further information about this extension within this article.

Deleting Tags -

Removing a tag from all transactions will delete the tag.
Once deleted from all transactions, the tag will no longer be available for selection.

To remove a tag completely, follow the changing tags steps above.
When specifying which tag you prefer to use, leave the field blank and press OK.
This will remove the tag without assigning another tag.