In this window you can customize the network and online banking settings.

  • Automatically Download Transactions in Background
    Initiates transaction download for all Direct Connect enabled accounts upon program start. You must ensure you've set a Master Password within File --> Passwords, and enable the option to 'Store Online Passwords in File'.

  • Automatically Merge Downloaded Transactions
    Automatically merges and categorizes transactions downloaded through direct connections, or imported from your bank's website.

  • Mark Transactions as Cleared When Confirmed
    Marks transactions as cleared when they are confirmed. Only applies to downloaded and imported transactions, and does not apply to transactions in Investment Accounts.

  • Use Bank Dates for Merged Transactions
    When this box is checked and the date on a manually entered transaction is different from the date of the transaction it is being merged with, the bank’s date replaces the manually entered date. For example when a check is written on December 4 and cashed on December 8,
    When this box is not checked the manually entered date will remain.

  • Use Proxy
    For those who use a Proxy to connect to the internet. If you think you need to use proxy settings, contact your network administrator.

  • Observe Online Payment Date Restrictions If checked, Moneydance will re-set the date given to initiate a new payment forward by the number of days your bank needs for processing. If you initiate a payment for a date earlier than your bank says it can be processed, Moneydance will send you an error message.

  • Only match downloaded transactions when they are at most X days apart
    If checked, the program will only offer matches which have dates in the stated range.