In this window you can customize the network and online banking settings.

  • Automatically Download Transactions in Background
    Initiates transaction download for all Direct Connect enabled accounts upon program start. You must ensure you've set a Master Password within File --> Passwords, and enable the option to 'Store Online Passwords in File'.

  • Automatically Merge Downloaded Transactions
    Automatically merges and categorizes transactions downloaded through direct connections, or imported from your bank's website.

  • Mark Transactions as Cleared When Confirmed
    Marks transactions as cleared when they are confirmed. Only applies to downloaded and imported transactions, and does not apply to transactions in Investment Accounts.

  • Use Bank Dates for Merged Transactions
    When this box is checked and the date on a manually entered transaction is different from the date of the transaction it is being merged with, the bank’s date replaces the manually entered date. For example when a check is written on December 4 and cashed on December 8,
    When this box is not checked the manually entered date will remain.

  • Ignore Transaction Types in Favor of Amount Signs was introduced within Moneydance 2019.3 (1880) to prevent amounts from being inverted when importing OFX files. Some financial institutions seem to have re-interpeted the OFX specification which results in data being interpreted incorrectly and thus stored incorrectly. Eg. credit vs debit

  • Auto-commit Reminders (applies to the current file on this computer), this preference is specific to the currently open data set. It will not be visible unless the current file has syncing enabled. The reason for this option is to avoid possible duplicated transactions if an auto-committing transaction reminder is recorded on two different computers before the changes can be synced between them. By default this option is enabled on the computer that created the data set, and disabled on the rest. We recommend enabling this option only on the computer which is the most used and most often connected to the Internet.

  • Use Proxy
    For those who use a Proxy to connect to the internet. If you think you need to use proxy settings, contact your network administrator.

  • Observe Online Payment Date Restrictions If checked, Moneydance will re-set the date given to initiate a new payment forward by the number of days your bank needs for processing. If you initiate a payment for a date earlier than your bank says it can be processed, Moneydance will send you an error message.

  • Only match downloaded transactions when they are at most X days apart
    If checked, the program will only offer matches which have dates in the stated range.
    When set to 'default', Moneydance will match older transactions within 90 days and future transactions within 14 days.